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New album out, mixing rock, pop, folk, rap, electro & surrealism

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Dragons is an unusual but sonically satisfying album that I found immensely enjoyable. I applaud Clint for his imaginative approach in the creation of this unique work, proving that – even in isolation – musicians are capable of producing some really innovative and compelling work. If you like music that ventures outside the norms in terms of melodic structure, lyrics and sound design, you will enjoy this album.


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This is a remarkable release that had so much to offer the listener. There`s a range of styles giving it a real diversity. The lyrics are a little unconventional but make it a highly original body of work, offbeat, quirky, experimental, avant-garde, surreal but most of all thoroughly enjoyable. I loved the concept of how it came together. 9,5/10

Maximum Volume Music

Clint’s genre is the music itself. He uses all the tools, techniques, and guises at hand to explore an exhausting amount of combinations, flavours, and concoctions, like a master chef spicing a luscious stew. It’s euphoric, interesting, and tasking. Just as it should be.

DeMars Magazine

It's quite unlike anything that I have heard before. There is some beauty to the unique, almost strangeness that each song has. Each song on the album is wildly different from the next, but it is in their differences that the similarities come out.


Regardless of process I really enjoyed this release overall. There are some really good individual songs and quite a bit to latch onto musically. Recommended. 4/5

Divide And Conquer

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Dusty Grant Clint Slate
Limbo Cast Clint Slate

Clint Slate propose avec "Dragons" un album rock très riche grâce à son goût pour les expériences tant sonores que textuelles. 4/5

Music Waves (FR)


Dans la mythologie grecque, les Dragons étaient consacrés par les Dieux à la protection des lieux sacrés, des trésors. Ici, le trésor, ce troisième album ne demande qu’à être pillé.

Litzic (FR)

Musicalement et vocalement, il n’y a rien à redire puisque tout est du high level.

La Parisienne Life (FR)

Si le projet parisien Clint Slate n'est pas à proprement parler du rock progressif, il puise ses inspirations dans tellement de genres qu'il est impossible à classer.

Neoprog (FR)

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