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February 2021: 

A nurse from Scotland and a French musician meet by chance to write a song for a radio contest 

June 2021: 

Their first EP ‘The Silent Sea’ is released to great acclaim 

October 2021: 

The 2nd installment in their trilogy is about to see the light of day… 


These EPs showcase a true team at work, each song being co-written by Iona James and Clint Slate to encapsulate all their influences and embark the listener on a unique and personal journey.

Whether you like Kate Bush, U2, Björk, Nine Inch Nails,

David Bowie, Fleetwood Mac or Clannad, you'll find something you like.

And even more.

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every EP comes with a
Special Edition
comprising 5 extra alternate versions
on Bandcamp


`The Silent Sea` is a superb but all too brief taster of what this duo can accomplish together. I don`t know what future plans they have but it would be interesting to hear an album where they could further explore other musical genres. Their voices seem to not challenge each other but enrich and almost spur each other on. They have a sort of dualism about them a sort of yin and yang feel which is strengthened with some subtle musical accompaniment. A wonderful release just in time for summer.

Rating 9/10

Maximum Volume Music

The Silent Sea is a lovely little EP, and a fine debut effort by this talented duo. Iona and Clint are both great songwriters and vocalists in their own right, and their combined efforts have paid off nicely in the creation of these wonderful songs.

Eclectic Music Lover

Ce premier EP de Iona James et Clint Slate est pour nous un petit bijou, un travail d’orfèvre, d’une grande qualité musicale. The Silent Sea… Au fur et à mesure des quatre titres, cette mer de silence prend vie pour sortir de son assoupissement. La houle s’enfle, les vagues se gorgent d’iode… La musique de Iona James et Clint Slate déferle sur nous pour notre plus grand bonheur.


If there is one track where Ion James' vocal showcases all its colours, it's The Ticking Tide . Interesting arrangement with various melodic and instrumental changes where you feel the tension building and you're waiting for the bomb to go off. It eventually emerges as an indie rock number with poignant lyrics about the passing of time and how the past shapes our future yet we have to learn from it, not be stuck in it. Past is past and cannot be changed.

Music From The Heart

Close your eyes and listen to this lovely music, it will transport you to better place for a little while, at least. No bad thing, and if you want transported even further,please listen to the rest of the EP, it is a masterclass in song-writing collaboration and production.


Drew Jarvie–The Delerium Trees

Brecon Indie Review Team

With lyrics that tiptoe thoughtfully through heartfelt pathways of inevitability, faith and remembrances of lost love, this is music that will echo in your mind, stir your soul and capture your heart.

Byron Smith

Brecon Indie Review Team

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every song is turned into a thematic lyrics video available in this playlist


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